/Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp + [Projects Included]

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp + [Projects Included]

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Journey to Mastering the Art of Full Stack Web Development: Navigate Every Aspect of Front-End and Back-End Technologies with Confidence


The Full Stack Web Development Track is a comprehensive course covering both front end and back end aspects. Starting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you'll create responsive interfaces, master layout design, and add interactivity. Progress to back end development with JavaScript (Node.js), handling data storage, databases, and implementing secure user authentication. Work with industry tools like React, Nextjs, Express.js, and Django, building real-world projects for hands-on experience. Emphasis on best practices, Git, agile development, and project management prepares you for a rewarding career in full stack web development.

Full Stack Web Application Project Included :

  • Building Portfolio Landing Page Using HTML,CSS,JS
  • Building Spotify Music Player using React and Tailwind CSS
  • Building Full Stack E-commerce Platform
  • Building Appointment Booking Application
  • Building Event Registering Platform
  • Building Blogging Site
  • Building Video conferencing Application
  • Building Task Management System
  • Building Real - Time Chatting Application Using Nextjs
  • Building Collaborative code editor
  • Building Support & Ticket Management Tool
  • Building Certificate Generator

Key Highlights

Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for frontend development

Get hands-on experience with popular frontend frameworks like React and Nextjs

Master backend development with Node.js , Express and Django

Deep dive into databases like MongoDB or PostgreSQL for data storage

Deploy and host your web applications on platforms like Vercel , netlify and azure.

Learn about version control and collaboration using Git and GitHub

Implement security measures to protect your web apps from vulnerabilities

Optimize your web applications for performance and scalability

What you will learn

Introduction to Full Stack Web Development

Learn the basics of full stack web development and understand its role in building modern web applications.

Front-end Development Fundamentals

Master the essential skills and tools required for front-end development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back-end Development Fundamentals

Gain a solid foundation in back-end development concepts, such as server-side programming, databases, and APIs.

Building Responsive Web Design

Learn techniques and best practices for creating responsive web designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

Working with JavaScript Frameworks

Explore popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Next.js to build interactive web applications.

Developing RESTful APIs

Learn how to design and develop RESTful APIs that allow communication between the front-end and back-end of web applications.

Database Management and Integration

Understand how to manage databases and integrate them with web applications, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.

Deployment and Hosting of Web Applications

Explore different methods of deploying and hosting web applications to make them accessible to users worldwide.

Testing and Debugging Web Applications

Learn techniques for testing and debugging web applications to ensure their functionality, performance, and security.

Security in Full Stack Web Development

Understand the importance of security in web development and learn how to implement measures to protect against common vulnerabilities.

Version Control and Collaboration

Familiarize yourself with version control systems like Git and learn how to collaborate effectively with other developers.


The Web Development Bootcamp has comprehensive video lectures with Doubt Support and Assignments. The instructor is extremely helpful. Indepth knowledge about Network for Aspiring Web Development Engineering Aspirants and Updated ReactJs content is available here, contains GNU/Linux Bash Terminal Command Line Interface basics along with Git and Github. Good collection of projects from Scratch to teach the art of Crafting Webapps is also available.

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Aniket Datta

Student @Techno Main - Salt Lake


I don't know anything about Coding, is this bootcamp good for me?

Yes, this batch will cover all important concepts from basic till advanced. So, there is no need to know anything about coding beforehand.

Do I need to be a Computer Science student to take up this course?

Anyone, from any background or field of study, can take up this batch and learn Full Stack Web Development.

What is the duration of the course?

The course will be of 8 months.

What is the mode of teaching?

The course will be taught in Hindi and English.

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate after completing the course.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my enrolment?

No, the course fee is non-refundable.

Will there be projects in the batch?

Yes, the course will have many minor & major projects that will help to strengthen your concepts and you can mention in your resume/portfolio.

Will there be LIVE classes?

Yes there will be live classes.

About the creator

About the creator

Abhishek Kushwaha

Abhishek Kushwaha is a dynamic individual hailing from India, deeply immersed in the worlds of academia and technology. Currently pursuing his studies, Abhishek has also made a significant mark as a full-stack developer. His passion for education and a commitment to bridging the educational gap led him to establish Bash School, an innovative ed tech company.

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